• SourceSage B2B Marketplace TechnologyTM

    Build your Online Shop on SourceSage, or create your own online marketplace

  • What is it about?

    Set up an online shop on SourceSage Marketplace

    Sign up as a premium seller or buyer to be notified of first-hand valuable buying and selling opportunities in real-time!

    Set up your own whitelabeled Marketplace platform and become a facilitator!

    Wondering if you can become the next Alibaba? You can now own a platform without any programming or coding skills via plug-and-play using SourceSage Technology Engine

  • Different Modules

    Customize and select different modules based on your needs

    Buy/Sell Customizable MarketplacesTM

    Set up invite-only or public

    Allow your existing invite-only customers to place order on different products very conveniently wherever they are, and allow your sales managers to have access on a dashboard. This increases client engagement and increase number of orders placed. You can also set up a public one where you can invite not just your suppliers but external ones to come onto your platform, where you can aggregate different sources, and also match to your demands in real-time.


    Upload different prices or info for different clients

    Update your existing invite-only customers to view different price range or info for different products. Different clients can also view different prices for the same product. You can also choose NOT to set a price range if you are not comfortable. Your assigned managers can update the same data feed increasing transparency on all the price offered to different customers. Your clients can receive price updates via push notifications, and also view them on your app!


    Advertise or Broadcast & Engage clients

    Create a real-time newsfeed for your clients so that you can constantly engaged them with new products, company information or simply anything! You can also reshare easily to WeChat, Linkedin & WhatsApp! Your clients will receive these newsfeed in the form of push notification on their mobile app or web platform.

    Enquiries ManagementTM

    View incoming enquiries in real-time and check status of trades

    With the intelligent incoming enquiries management module, you can view all incoming enquiries from existing or new clients, and also check the status of each enquiry and who is handling the enquiry. This increases transparency and allows efficient processes via automation.

    Secured Private ChatTM

    Real-time private chat with each client

    Instead of having to engage each client via whatsapp or wechat, where information is only lost to third party apps, all your employees can now use the Private Chat module to chat privately with each client where there can be greater transparency, privacy and secuirty. With real-time communication, this could greatly increase efficiency in closing deals while allowing retention of knowledge within the company!

    Data Hosting & AnalyticsTM

    Forecast Trends and Customers' Profiling

    To enhance security and privacy of data, you can opt for the data hosting and analytics module to spin a new instance/server where you can protect and host your own data. You can also utilise the data analytics features to analyse past offered prices, customers' profile, success factors, and other valuable insights to increase profitability and reduce operational inefficiencies and costs.

    Market Information ConsolidatorTM

    Manage all your subscriptions and disseminate to employees

    If you are currently subscribed to numerous publications, and market information sources, you and your employees may be overloaded with information to a point you don't even want to see them! Now, with Consolidator you can put all information into one platform for easy access, notifications and also for comparison by all your employees all across the globe!



    Get own whitelabelled mobile and web apps!

    If you are conscious of having your own brand on mobile app and web platform, you can now select this module so that your clients and employees will see your own brands and also download your mobile app! You will now have a full--fledged digital strategy and be ahead of other competitors!

  • Impact

    Over 15,000+ customers onboard

    USD 499 Million

    Total value of enquiries on all platforms


    No. of users onboard onto a marketplace using SourceSage Technology

    USD 50K - 100K

    Amount saved for companies per year from operations & software development


    No. of countries where our users are based

  • Mr Tatsuya Imou

    President and CEO of Kenko Corporation


    "We, as a trading company, welcome the platform that SourceSage provides. It is more cost-competitive and effective than conventional ways of doing business."

    Mr Sanjay Trivedi

    Founder Director of IHPCIA


    "You need to take advantage of the digital medium as a way of moving forward, of connecting buyers and sellers, or connecting information which is required, (which is dynamic). So we do see a strong potential for SourceSage in this business."

    Mr Sathia Varqa

    Owner and Co-Founder Palm Oil Analytics


    " We see SourceSage as a portal that the palm oil community gravitates to - so we are trying to tap into that market and we can only tap into that market if the technology is top notch. And we believe that SourceSage is making the right investment for us to be able to tap into that space."

  • How It Works

    A simple 4-step process


    Indicate your Interest

    Click here to register for the official channel and then proceed to set up your online shop here.



    The Product Specialist in charge of your account will contact you via email or phone call to verify some details and the approval process will take 2-3 days.


    Set Up & Tutorials

    Once approved, our assigned product specialist will provide you with tutorials on guiding you to use the online shop. If you are creating or whitelabelling the platform, you will need to provide more details to our product specialist. The process will take slightly longer.


    Ready to Go!

    Once you have set up your online shop or platform, we will still provide technical support to guide you. For online shop, you will have a web and mobile shopfront to invite your clients. If you have your own platform, you now have your own Mobile App and own Website plus Marketplace!

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