• 1 Subscription, Various Sources

    Contract Prices, Spot Prices, Forward Prices, Market Analysis & Forecast Reports

  • Methodology

    How do we collect prices and market information daily?


    Aggregate Information

    Through SourceSage platform, our technology collects bids and offered prices submitted to SourceSage Commodity Exchange privately. We collect at least 10 data points per product per day. Customer details are strictly anonymized.


    Third party providers

    As an Amazon of Market Information, SourceSage also has third party market and individual verified providers who provide day-to-day pricing information and market reports, which are verified by SourceSage Team.


    Verify Information

    SourceSage Market Research and Trading Team will verify prices and information from previous stages with key producers, traders, brokers and end customers on a daily basis. The machine produces a price range for each product.


    Approval & Publishing

    After verification, market reports, or price information will be published onto SourceSage Web and Mobile platform and read by over 15,000 business professionals and companies across 105 countries.

  • Industries Covered

    More than 500 commodities on our platform


    Prices and Market Information of different regions from Fatty Alcohols, Fatty Acids to Glycerine & Biodiesel covering multiple grades and applications.

    Edible Oils & Fats

    Prices and Market Information of different regions from Palm Oil, PKO, Soybean Oil, Sunflower Oil, Tallow Oil to other oils covering multiple grades and applications.


    Prices and Market Information of different regions from SLES70, SLS, LABSA, to CDEA covering multiple grades and applications.

    Basic Chemicals & Fertilisers

    Prices and Market Information of different regions from Basic Chemicals, to Fertilizers covering multiple grades and applications.

    Energy & Petrochemicals

    Prices and Market Information of different regions from Petroleum, Energy, Petrochemicals, Polymers, Aromatics, to Plastics Industries covering multiple grades and applications.

    Other Commodities

    Soft Commodities such as Food, Agriculture to Hard Commodities such as Steel, Mining Industries.

  • Types of Data

    You can customized the type of data you need for each product

    Spot Prices

    Get Alerts when prices rise or fall

    Receive alerts and check daily prices of products you subscribed to, with offers and bids collected through our platform and also verified by our in-house market research team

    Analysis Reports

    Weekly, or Customized Ones like Monthly, Quarterly etc

    Browse our weekly analysis reports which summarizes the prices of the product over the week with industry hearsay, information and other news reports which you may not find anywhere else.

    Contract Prices

    Weekly contract prices which long term contracts are based on

    Get firsthand information on benchmark prices which larger players have set prices on, and use these prices to base your negotiation with clients

    Historical Prices

    Historical data of up to 2 years of daily or weekly prices

    Analyse your prices with our historical spot or contract prices, and understand the trends, so that you are able to based your analysis on

    Analytics & Forecast

    Get prediction on price trends from domain experts & our technology

    With the power of SourceSage technology, you can now tap on data analytics to understand to forecast the price trends of product, or have domain experts' prediction on the prices over next few months


    Receive 1-to-1 consultancy from chosen domain experts on the platform

    Choose the domain experts which you need personalized consultancy in specified areas from choosing downstream products to produce, to understand markets in China

  • How do we deliver SourceSage Data?

    SourceSage Data Accessible from Various Platforms

    Mobile Phone & Tablets

    iOS & Android Phones

    Available on iOS and Android App Stores, SourceSage can be downloaded very easily for free. You can also choose to access SourceSage Data Service from WhatsApp & WeChat if you cannot download the App

    Laptops/ Desktop

    Personal or Office Devices

    Through a beautifully crafted website, SourceSage is also available through a free registration on any laptops & desktops.

    SourceSage TerminalTM

    Live streaming of Information on a stand-alone device

    Request for a standalone SourceSage TerminalTM to be placed in your office where you can live stream relevant prices and market information to get real-time updates.


    Personal or Office Email Inbox

    SourceSage Data Service allows delivery of market information regularly to your email too.

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