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    Get Verified Customers & Suppliers Across 105 Countries on Physical Exchange

  • How It Works

    A simple 3-step process



    If you are interested and serious to get new customers or suppliers, register here to be a participant (i.e. buyer or supplier) in SourceSage Commodity Exchange (SCE). If you want to earn money in flexible time and refer customers, you can register to be a part-time anonymous broker by clicking here


    Verification & Payment

    Our assigned trade management team in SCE will verify your details whether you want to be a participant (i.e. buyer or supplier) or a part-time broker. To receive real-time enquiries and quotations with full customer details to your mobile phone, you can simply opt in to a premium account for just USD 49.99/month by paying here.


    Ready to start

    As member of the SCE, you will be receiving on mobile and via email daily updates of buyers and sellers who are enquiring or offering products on SCE at mid-day each day and a market closing summary near end of trading hours. Our trade management team also partner with credible risk management & compliance companies to review and rate each buyer and supplier on the platform.

  • How to submit Offers or Enquiries privately?

    All offers and enquiries go to SCE trade management team only

    Step 1

    Submit buy/sell request

    Download the SourceSage Mobile App free on Appstore, and click Buy/Sell Icon on the Homepage. Type in the product name and then click Buy or Sell. Fill in the form with all details you have and click Done on top right hand corner. All details on offer or enquiries submitted are only to SCE Trade Management Team and will be kept strictly private.

    Step 2

    Negotiate & Finding Right Match

    There will be an Trade Management member of SCE or broker from SourceSage who will be assigned to you and to confirm with you on issues including COA, required specs etc. Your name and company will not be disclosed if you choose not to. Our staff will help you with the negotiation with the counterparty and also with the verification of the counterparty with the SourceSage database system.

    Step 3

    Trade Execution/ Manage Counterparty Risk

    Once there is a confirmation based on the product, specs, packing, price etc, our staff will need to reveal the counterparty information with your approval and help to check if payment term will match. If payment term or trade term is disagreed upon, SCE has partnered with pre-approved trade financing and freight forwarding firms to help with trade execution. SCE brokers will help with documentations through the SCE Trade Automation SystemTM

  • Traction

    At a glance

    USD 499 Million

    Total value of enquiries on platform


    Number of Enquiries & Offers per month


    Number of commodities on SCE across Oils & Fats, & Oleochemicals


    Number of countries enquiries or offers came from

  • USD 49.99/month

    Register to be a Third Party Broker on SourceSage Commodity ExchangeTM

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