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An effective use of plastics at Poh Hua Industrial

Getting to Know Poh Hua

With over 40 years in business, Poh Hua Industrial is a well-established company retailing finished plastic products imported from several parts of Asia - Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and Japan.

Houseware Items

Photo Credit: Poh Hua Industrial Pte Ltd

At Poh Hua, they seek to cater to all your daily lifestyle needs. They have a striking variety of over 20,000 items in their product range for home, office and industrial uses. From electrical products, to cleaning products, kitchenware, houseware and more!

Poh Hua's warehouse is nestled within the North Link Industrial area in Singapore. Along with the adoption of Advanced Technology and Sophisticated Machineries, their specially designed moulds help to produce quality plastic products efficiently while plastic products that require conformance to the International Quality Standards are outsourced to manufacturers in the neighbouring countries. Their leading household brand 'RISING' strives to constantly deliver innovative and high-quality products to satisfy all customers.

Why Poh Hua?

Plastic Design & Customisation Services

When it comes to product customisation, their in-house plastic designer has the magical ability to turn your dreams and transform your ideas into reality.

Electrical Service Repair

Electrical Items

Photo Credit: Poh Hua Industrial Pte Ltd

If you require, Poh Hua can arrange for on-site repair services conducted by their highly-skilled internal technician - repair for commercial kitchen appliances such as your hot water dispenser, electric rice cooker, waffle maker and the list goes on...

Last but not least, fret not! All Poh Hua products are long-lasting, easy-to-use and high in quality. Most importantly, they are made available at a wallet-friendly price!

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