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Your One-Stop Foodstuff Supplier In Singapore!


Heng Ee Foodstuff Supplier is a manufacturer which found its roots in Singapore in 1979, specializing in wholesale trading and food services company. They had its humble beginnings with door-to-door sales of sauces to households, but now has expanded into creating their manufacturing and packaging lines and even established network with local and overseas OEMs.

"We are ISO 22000 and bizSAFE level 3 certified. We manufacture our own Jade Dragon line of sauces and distribute more than 2000 other types and brands of herbs, dried goods, sauces, kitchen disposables and condiments to more than 300 food outlets daily."

                                                                                                                          - Heng Ee Foodstuff Supplier

Products & Services

Heng Ee carry different brands from the renowned Maggi, Unilever, to Kwong Cheong Thye and Tungsan. Each brand carry a myriad of products and they even have Halal-Certified products! Other than edibles, they also provide Kitchen disposables for your events and parties. Best of all, you can opt for a delivery service to transport the stocks to you!

To check out the exhaustive list of products, click here!

As you'd know, these are daily essentials for your daily home-cooked meals whipped out by your mother. So give Heng Ee a chance to let help you recreate your food and memories!

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