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Where East Fuses With West

East West Fusion

About East West Fusion

East West Fusion (also known as East West Catering) founded its roots in 2010 by James. James first took his baby entrepreneur steps with his first Western and Japanese fusion food stall at Pioneer Junior College. With support of the school, they provided catering food to camps and events and this is how their catering story begins. Today, with the upmost loyalty and support from their loyal customers, East West Fusion has grown beyond its roots. Tucked at the corner of the lane of 143 Pandan Loop, East West Fusion's central kitchen promises to provide delectable food without a burn in the wallet. A halal kitchen (East West Noodles) is also operating at ITE College West.

What do they offer?

East West Fusion offers Daily Meal Delivery and packed meals for lunch and dinner, which contains a variety of side dishes to go with your staples such as crispy chicken or stir fry cabbage etc. This is followed by snacks such as vanilla buns, kaya buns or even sandwiches and fishballs. 

If you want a more free-flow style of catering, buffet is a good option with many choices of food for your guests to choose from. Similarly, the buffet can be customized according to you or your guests dietary needs. From simple Zichar style dishes like sweet and sour chicken, black pepper chicken, to premium delicacies like tempura prawns, teriyaki sotong, East West Fusion truly lives up to its name of opening the windows to a novel culture experience. 

So what are you waiting for? Take it up a notch with East West Fusion today!

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