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When Your Pizza Cravings Is Hitting You A Little Too Hard

It’s a ‘slice’ to meet you at Pizzeria Lucia

No one can deny that pizza is one of the most satisfying foods that works well be it at a casual get-together or a romantic dinner - just remember to wipe off the cheese on your chin!

Pizzeria Lucia is a casual pizzeria located in a quaint neighbourhood mall, East Village. They are many authentic Italian dishes to choose from but the finely crafted pizzas here are definitely a must-try. Famed for its impressive list of 12-inches wood-fired oven pizzas, bask in gleeful delight with every morsel of the flavourful crust!

While you’ll see an universal selection such as Margherita, you can seek to find more lavish options like Solo Carni (generous dash of bacon, tender smoked chicken, pepperoni and melt-in-your mouth mozzarella cheese) and Funghi Misti (tomato base pizza featuring bold flavours redolent with mushroom and cheese).

Mamma Mia! A versatile Italian piece of heaven to pizza and chill! Although you can’t enjoy this experience right now, you can always opt for delivery and pig out on your couch at home – we won’t judge you!

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