The Hvala Spirit

"Here at Hvala, we aspire to create a platform for the modern-day Picasso and Hemingway to gather. A place for conversations and tea, we are proud and excited to invigorate your artistic, intellectual and flavour tastebuds all at once. From curated galleries and exhibitions, to a unique line-up of performances, to the selection of choice tea, we bring to you a story of pursuit — a pursuit of extraordinariness and forward-thinking."

- Hvala

Photo Credits: Hvala Philosophy

From the aromatic tea to the rich grainy sugar covering the sweet airy perfection of the desserts, with a sweet premium addition of Gelato that comes in a myriad of flavours, Hvala Spirit is here to let you unwind while giving your taste buds a sensory sweet kick! 

Photo Credits: Hvala Menu


The Hvala also offers perks such as island-wide delivery to bring these goodness to your doorstep!

Photo Credits: Hvala website

So what are you waiting for? Unwind yourself today!

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