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SourceSage was Featured in Japanese Newspaper

The Chemical Daily (化学工業日報)

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Recently, CEO and Co-Founder of SourceSage, Sim Jian Min was featured in Japanese newspaper<化学工業日報> (The Chemical Daily) by reporter Ryuma Nagata.

Nagata: What prompted you to create the company?

Sim: SourceSage was created as an idea first in early 2014, as I saw a lot of inefficiencies and non-transparency in the B2B physical commodities trading industry, which my father has been doing for the last 30 years. I realized that all this knowledge will be lost if they are fewer young people joining the industry and SourceSage was created to immortalize and capture this knowledge onto an online platform. The online platform eventually changed to encompass all the different workflows in physical trading through customers’ feedback and constant iteration.

Nagata: What are the advantages of your service?

Sim: SourceSage provides integrated service from real-time market information, to brokerage services via a convenient online platform. These services are traditionally provided by market providers, brokers or collected through phone calls. Through an integration of different services on one online platform, SourceSage is able to provide time-saving and also a cost-effective solution to all traders, brokers, distributors, manufacturers and also end customers.

Nagata: What would you wish to tell the Japanese audience?

Sim: To save time, costs and also to increase the number of business opportunities worldwide, SourceSage is the most effective solution for B2B physical commodities trading. Numerous large corporation including BASF, Clariant, L’Oreal, and also Cargill have already used our platform.

Nagata: What are your expectations on Kenko Corp?

Sim: Kenko Corp is SourceSage’s distributor in Japan. With Kenko’s longstanding brand and also reputation in the industry, we are sure that SourceSage technology will be adopted by Kenko Corp’s clients and also Kenko Corp will be able to utilize the platform to get new clients as well.

Nagata: Why do you think the service is useful to Japanese clients?

Sim: It is well-known that a lot of Japanese products are demanded by various customers worldwide but there seemed to be a misalignment between customers’ needs and also that of the Japanese companies. SourceSage services can help to bridge the gap to bring in new and additional clients to Japanese companies, while providing a constant, reliable and quality source of market and customers’ information for them to base their decisions on.

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