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SourceSage Internship (2)

By Yu QingYao

· Internship,Singapore

My name is QingYao, a sophomore studying at SIM University of London, majoring in Economics and Finance. I first came to know about SourceSage through my school’s career fair and after doing some research about the company, I decided to apply to its Market Research Analyst internship position. Prior to this, I had a six-month internship at KPMG, so this is not my first internship, but my first experience working in a start-up and an experience that I have longed to have.

Just as how I imagined it to be, SourceSage fits all the start-up characteristics. It is very flexible and provides tons of opportunities. Jian, who is my managing director, once asked Ashley (another Intern) and me if there was anything that we would like to try and learn about, he could arrange it for us if possible. You definitely don’t get this type of treatment everywhere. It has a small team and that means everyone would be noticed. As an intern, I enjoy that attention I’ve received and guidance along the way.

I have been immersed in conducting research on SMEs in order to identify their needs on going digitalisation. By engaging with local SMEs during interviews I organised, my interpersonal skills have been greatly refined making me an excellent team member. Collaborating with a small, tight-knit team and one other intern, I have contributed to a national media report identifying digital and financial needs of local enterprises.

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Jian Min, his father Mr. John Sim, Toong Yuen, Ronald, Mervyn, Yu Fan, Jackie and Ashley for believing I had what it took to contribute to their vision at SourceSage. I truly wish your team the very best and will never forget this experience.

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