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Not A True Food Junkie Until You've Tried Taiwanese Cuisine

Fall in love with Goldleaf's slurp-worthy flavours of Taiwan

Goldleaf, a local Taiwanese porridge restaurant that is located right in the heart of Katong, has a collection of familial Taiwanese classics. Being the pioneer in bringing Taiwanese porridge to the local scene with close to 50 years of experience, Taiwan’s rich and vibrant history – dating back to the migrations of ethnic Chinese from Mid to Southern China and the period under Japanese Occupation, is clearly reflected in the restaurant’s diverse cuisine.


To pair with the Taiwanese porridge that is riddled with a generous amount of sweet potatoes, Goldleaf does not skimp on its offering of accompanying dishes. The most highly raved dish will be its Braised Pork Belly with Preserved Vegetables (meat cooked with in-house stewed preserved vegetables and a unique blend of herbal ingredients from Taiwan, soaked in a decade old traditional sauce). Other popular items include Oyster Vermicelli (Taiwanese classic that no one should miss) and Steamed Pork Patty with Salted Fish (juicy and springy patty topped with savory salted fish).


Gold-leaf transports you back to home, with their Authentic Taiwanese recipe. Banking on the aged-old notion that hot food is healthier as it is more easily digested and thus supplying greater nutrients to the body, Goldleaf adopts the cooked-to-order approach. They are committed to delivering piping hot dishes of the most absolute freshness to your tables, warming your belly and heart. Customers’ health are of their utmost priority, they do not use a single dash of added-MSG in its cuisine in an effort to promote healthy-eating. Their special care in preparing their sauces earn them the hearts of many local patrons! All accompanying sauces used are made with their in-house recipe – be it Sambal, Chilli or XO sauce!


A restaurant full of hidden treasures where a delicious munch is just a click away:!

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