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Must-try Japanese Cuisine In Singapore!


"No two Ichiban Boshi restaurants are the same, each offering a unique design and ambience, as well as specialty menus. You can expect the same modern Japanese cuisine and the same level of exacting quality with a wide selection of sushi, fresh sashimi and variety set meals."

- Ichiban Boshi


Ichiban Boshi offers a myriad of foods, divided into four menus that sings in all flavours of tasty serenade. The crescendo swells the voices up to the zesty and aromatic smell of Japanese cuisine. The four menus; takeaway, spring, off peak and party platters, boasts of raw and succulent sashimi meats to Ocean creatures drizzled in sauces or begging to be dipped in concoctions or hot scorching oil.

Looking at the wide array of choices, you’d guaranteed be irresistible to the delightful sensations that whipped up inside your memory at the mere thought of delving your teeth deep and fast into the pulpy texture of the sushis.

Photo Credits: Ichiban Boshi 

So what are you waiting for! Head down now!

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