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Life’s Short & Uncertain, Eat Dessert First!

Let Dessert First will show you how to savour life

Under Covid Stress? Hang tight! We want to remind you that happiness is out there waiting for you – you just need to know where to look!

You can’t deny that icy desserts are beloved across the globe. It is not an exception for people living in the all-year sunny Singapore. Apart from local traditional warm desserts – Sesame Paste with Tang Yuan and Yam Paste with Pumpkin & Gingko Nuts, the brainchild behind Dessert First, is also playing around with different flavours of snow and shaved ice inspired by local taste buds!

Each combination will provide you with a very different flavoured experience! Just to name a few, there are Durian Shaved Ice, Mango Shaved Ice, Green Tea Snow Ice and Chocolate Snow Ice! Green Tea Snow Ice topped with sweet red azuki beans happened to be the crowd pleaser at Dessert First! Thanks to the fluffy ice’s thin flaky texture, flavourings were able to quickly absorb into this toothsome dessert.

Escape the heat with a mound of sweetened, finely shaved snow ice without having to step out of your house in this scorching 31° weather! There is nothing as satisfying as the feeling of thin, feather-like shards melting in your mouth.

Grab your cooling treats today at !

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