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Liang Yi's Specially Crafted Vegetarian Food

Rooted in 1988, Liang Yi Food Industries Pte. Ltd, formerly known as Liang Yi Food Processing and Look Front Trading had its humble beginnings in Bangkok, Thailand. During that period of time, they gained a large proportion of market share, allowing them to upgrade themselves with advanced facilities from Taiwan. Laboratories were also set up for research and development of healthy vegetarian food products.

In year 2000, new manufacuturing was added in Singapore. After researching the market demand, we began to venture into both production and distribution businesses. Our products are not only sold in local food centres, but also widely distributed in local supermarkets such as Fairprice and Sheng Siong. 

Liang Yi is a manufacturer of various types of vegetarian products such as Texture Vegetable Protein (TVP), konjac, mushroom and wheat gluten.  The raw materials that they used are non-genetically modified, rich in fibres, low in cholesterol and carbohydrates and contain no preservatives. 

Photo Credits: Liang Yi Food

Since the beginning of their production, they have stuck to their promise of delivering high-quality goods by undertaking research and development of vegetarian food products. With the opportunity or reaching to wider market, Liang Yi not only supplies frozen vegetarian products manufactured locally or imported overseas, but also dry goods for all their consumers.

"Consistent quality and high management standards have always been Liang Yi’s primary aim.  Every employee in Liang Yi strives our hardest to serve all our consumer with pride and integrity."

                                                                                                                                                     -Liang Yi

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