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Lebanese Culture Served On A Plate

Swarm to Byblos Grill for an authentic taste of Lebanon

In Singapore, you will not be able to find as many Lebanese restaurants as you would for Japanese or Korean restaurants. However, thanks to the apt use of charcoal grill and fragrant blend of spices, Lebanese cuisine has managed to garner the hearts of a small portion of our community.

Photo Credit: Byblos Grill

A carnivore crowd pleaser, Byblos Grill, is an authentic Lebanese restaurant nestled in a corner of Bussorah Street. Words of mouth has been the way for this restaurant and it is not hard to see why. Abounding in fresh herbs, spices, poultry and lamb, it yields singular dishes replete with robust and earthy flavours. Signature dishes reflecting the full breadth of Lebanese cuisine includes Lebanese Moussaka (Chicken), Lamb Kofta and more.

Lebanese Moussaka (Chicken)

Photo Credit: Byblos Grill

Lamb Kofta

Photo Credit: Byblos Grill

Chef Mohamad Salim, founder of Byblos Grill boasts an impressive resume of more than 15 years of over-the-top culinary experiences and adventures – including his prior experience at Burj Al Arab, the one-and-only seven star hotel in Dubai. A pioneer of Lebanese cuisine in our local community, he is absolutely ardent about the preservation of his Lebanese roots and culture.

He insists on importing every ingredient he use directly from his home country, Lebanon. On top of that, he even had his wooden oven shipped here for his fresh daily bakes – we are definitely not exaggerating! His desire to maintain a quixotic sense of authenticity in putting forth a Lebanese meal is unquestionably meritorious!

Lamb Chops

Photo Credit: Byblos Grill

Spoilt for choice? We have a recommendation for you. Lamb Chops. Perfectly charred on the outside yet juicy and tender on the inside, Byblos Grill's succulent Lamb Chops are simply irresistible!

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