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Juice Up Your Life With J3 Juice!


J3 Juice first started its venture with the vision in providing a healthier and affordable range of beverages.

With a majority of Singaporeans leading a hustle bustle life, most of them could not afford the time to be wary of their daily nutrient requirements for fibre and other vitamins & minerals, thus neglecting their health.

Therefore, J3 Juice is a fuss-free one-stop solution to this negligence by compacting daily essential healthy goodness into tasty concoctions in the form of cold pressed juices!

"Aiming to bring these healthy goodness to everyone, we serve up these 'Grab & Go' cold pressed juices, so you can sip on the lovely concoctions on the go, at wallet-friendly prices!

Using only the freshest, all-natural ingredients, we distinguish ourselves from other commercial sources, boasting juices that are a par above the rest!"

- J3 Juice

Photo Credits: J3 Cold Pressed Juice


With a full menu parade, singing in all flavors of tasty serenade, the crescendo swells the voices up to the fruity smell. You cannot resist, because we insist that you taste some of this juicy goodness.

With the marriage of different fruits and vegetables, this concoction not delivers tasty sweet kicks, it also give you several health benefits. Ranging from the bitterness of the greens, to the zestiness of the citrus fruits, J3 juices offers a wide array of selection.

Besides juices, J3 Juice also whips out milk-based beverages.


J3 Juice provides tasty yet healthy beverages for you health nuts with a discerning taste bud. So head on down now!

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