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Join Black & Ink For A One Of A Kind Dining Experience

I brought the fresh, warm bread to my nose, inhaling deeply. It smelled rich, promising a delightful taste. Picking up a knife, I applied copious amounts of cheese powder. I spooned out a dollop of well-seasoned Beef Lasagne and stuffed the piece into my mouth. The soft and warm texture melted pleasantly in my mouth, the pleasant smoothness of the cheese blended perfectly with the earthy aromatic minced beef. 

Curious where to get this gastronomic delicacy? 





It's at Black & Ink! 

Tucked at 29 Swan Lake Avenue, Black & Ink offers a myriad of food ranging from western delights such as Bacon Cheese Burger and Hawaiian Pizza to fusions like Fat Otah Toast and Tom Yum Talaay Pasta! 

Black & Ink seriously offers a wide range of foods that caters to your every craving! This is because they also serve Gelato, deserts, cakes and pastries, coupled with piping hot coffees and cold brew tea if you're up for an afternoon tea. 

Happy Hours

Indulge in the happy hours at Black & Ink as they provide alcoholic beverages like Guinness, Heineken and even red and white wine all at an affordable price of ~$10 per pint!

Delivery & pick-up

So what are you waiting for! Head down to Black & Ink now! Or you could opt for self-collection or delivery with a minimum subtotal of $30. Enjoy free delivery for order above $50.00!

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