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Japanese Ramen Under $10

Buta Kin: Hawker-style Ramen

Indeed, Singapore does have a handful of decent Japanese cuisine spots. However, if I were to patronise them on a regular basis, it will definitely hit me where it hurts most – in my wallet!

Photo Credit: Buta Kin 豚金

Across social media platforms, our team has discovered a hidden treasure – Buta Kin, a Japanese hawker-fare which serves pretty legit Tonkotsu Ramen and Japanese Curry Rice.

Photo Credit: Buta Kin 豚金

What sets them apart from other Japanese eateries is their extremely economical price tag! You can seek to indulge in quality Japanese comfort food, just like those found in a restaurant, without breaking the bank.

At Buta Kin, each piping hot bowl of ramen is executed with tremendous care. Chicken and pork bones are simmered for hours long to achieve the strong robust flavour. This Tonkotsu broth is riddled with springy yellow egg noodles, succulent Char Siu and perfectly molten soft-boiled eggs that will warm you up. With such flavourful broths and generous lashings of ingredients, be prepared to get blown away by their ramen bowls!

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