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Interview: CEO of Kenko Corporation

Power List 2017, Mr Tatsuya Jimmy Imou

· Power List,Interview

Power List is an initiative by SourceSage to feature thought leaders in each industry and region to explore critical issues and market trends relating to the industry, drawing experiences from each individual's success, experience, and knowledge.

In this series, we invited and hosted the President and CEO of Kenko Corporation (Japan), Mr Tatsuya Imou at SourceSage Singapore Office to share with us his views on innovation and technology in the physical commodity space.

Kenko Corporation has, since its founding in 1965, grown into a truly indispensable trading corporation that not only exports industrial chemicals but also markets materials and products of nutraceuticals, food and feed additives, pharmaceutical intermediates, and multiple industrial applications.

Please give a short introduction of yourself and Kenko Corporation. What chemical products does your company sell?

I had been working in sales and marketing for 22 years before being President and CEO of Kenko Corporation.

Kenko is a 50+ year old manufacturing and trading firm involved mainly in oleo and petrol chemicals, health foods, food ingredients worldwide. We are based in Tokyo, Japan.

What are the traditional ways your company finds new business partners or opportunities?

We rely on human networks, trade shows, and market reports. Quite often we need to visit consumers directly for business opportunities

How do you think technology will change the way your industry works?

Technology that optimises Big Data would definitely help us understand better what customers look for, purchase and sell.

Technology gives data and ideas which empower decision makers with more organised information.

How do you think SourceSage Technology will be beneficial to Kenko Corporation?

We, as a trading company, welcome the platform that SourceSage provides. It is more cost-competitive and effective than conventional ways of doing business.

We want to utilise the platform as one of our main tools to make our business more successful and profitable in every field.

The more business deals that we close using such an infrastructure, the more companies and individuals will be interested to join, and the more sophisticated data products the platform can generate for the benefit of our own business growth.

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