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Have You Heard Of The Bamboo Straw Girl?

As Singapore’s first zero-waste lifestyle store and a homegrown social enterprise in Singapore, Bamboo Straw Girl aims to weave bamboo straws into the sustainability conversation – the nature’s solution to abominable plastics! Since its establishment in 2014, they have replaced 3.5 million plastic straws! Isn’t that impressive?

Meet The True-Blue Bamboo Straw Girl

Melissa Lam, the brains behind this environmentally business, is charged with passion when it comes to the concept of sustainability and motivating actions to mitigate plastic pollution! Being a strong green advocate, she absolutely adores having the opportunities to share with schools, organisations and the community about how they can create a healthier life for themselves and our Mama Earth by eliminating the single-use of plastics and making more environmentally-conscious choices.

Going Zero-Waste

From production to point of sale, the Bamboo Straw Girl has always strive to be as plastic-free and low-impact as they can. Waste reduction is a serious business at Bamboo Straw Girl. Meanwhile, the Bamboo Straw Girl is determined to inspire more people to give a thought about their connection to and their responsibility towards the creation of a healthier planet through meticulously handcrafted, practical products. Afterall, the wellness of self and the planet are inextricably linked.

Making an Impact on Communities

Their environmental initiatives has made a substantial impact on the communities they work with. For instance, they have provided employment opportunities to the vulnerable opportunities in Indonesia, and supplementary streams of income for at least half a dozen of Indonesian artisans engaged in the production of their batik pouches using scrap fabric offcuts.

Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Products

Started off with just a single product, in this case as the name suggests – the bamboo straw, the Bamboo Straw Girl today is no longer just into advocating the use of bamboo straws! The abundance of room to innovate in the sustainability space has allowed the invasion of other eco-friendly lifestyle products to rise to fame at the Bamboo Straw Girl. What we found interesting:Bamboo Toothbrush & Tube, Bamboo Shell Thermal Flask, Crystal Deodorant Stone

Kickstart your personal eco-friendly journey with Bamboo Straw Girl’s range of eco-friendly, yet wallet-friendly lifestyle products today!

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