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Going The Extra Mile To Help You Age Well

Live better and stronger with The Golden Concept

Photo Credits: The Golden Concept's Official Website

Both Lee Chang Xi and Vanessa Keng, the co-founders ofThe Golden Concept, want Singaporeans to know that maximising mobility is the golden key to ageing well and they are serious about helping the seniors in our community to stay engaged and improve their quality of life.

Polka Dot Party Cane

Photo Credits: The Golden Concept's Official Website

The Golden Concept provides a wide array of colourful and stylish eldercare products.

What Inspired Them?

Back in their university days, the two were in Denmark on a student exchange programme. During their stay, they noticed how the senior citizens there truly embrace ageing and continue to live their life to the fullest despite mobility challenges they face. That is when a thought sparked an idea, “Should we bring this positive ageing culture back to Singapore?”

Through their personal experiences with their own elderly grandparents, they are fully aware of the challenges that most caretakers face when it comes to selecting appropriate eldercare products.

HappyWheels Travel Chair Portable Wheelchair

Photo Credits: The Golden Concept's Official Website

As they strive to provide you with customised solutions that best suits your needs, they partner with only trusted manufacturers who are sharply detailed in their fine craft skills to create Golden Concept’s home-brand product lines. Feedbacks from users are also taken in earnestly to push the quality and functionality of their product offering to greater heights.

In general, all we can say is that the passionate team at Golden Concept are more than willing to go the extra mile to provide meticulous curations of eldercare product. They are sourcing for the best, durable parts and products from not just within domestic regions, but also internationally! Attention to detail is their forte as compliance with product safety standards is of the utmost priority to them. With their product specialists around, you can expect to obtain the most professional advice on the best possible solution to what you are looking for!

With Golden Concepts, we can now all age with fun, dignity and grace!

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