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Collaborating with over 498 cake merchants and caterers, FoodLine is a one-stop marketplace for cakes and reviews. Through an easy search and filter functions, FoodLine has made it immensely easy to search for your best cake in Singapore!

Foodline's beginnings and evolvement

Once upon a time, Joseph and Shawn tried finding caterers for their events. The task turns out to be an arduous internet journey due to the lack of reviews. Thus, FoodLine was born. Rooted in 2009, FoodLine is a catering review portal to guide the lost internet souls in giving them a better sense of direction on which caterer to choose. 

In late 2013, due to a surge in demand, FoodLine evolved to become a one stop cake & catering portal for people to order catering and browse reviews.

With the outpouring of support from loyal customers and merchants, has become Singapore's biggest Cake and Catering Portal with over 498 cake merchants and caterers. 

Most Trustworthy Portal

To date, FoodLine has served 7,024,500 guests through 270,800 orders, some of which are huge organisations, thus giving credibility to FoodLine!

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Why you should order using FoodLine

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So what are you waiting for! Search away for the best cake ever!

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