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Best Vegetarian Cuisine To Try!

LingZhi Vegetarian


"Chinese Vegetarian Gourmet Cuisine at LingZhi - Innovative and quality dishes which have kept many coming back for more since 1991. Gone are the primitive, conservative style of preparing vegetarian dishes with gluten, mock meats, artificial colouring, and additives. In its place, is a range of dishes filled with wholesome goodness, and tonifying fare prepared from the finest, freshest natural as well as organic ingredients."

-Lingzhi Vegetarian

With the marriage of fresh ingredients and top-notch culinary skills of their superb chefs, each dish is diligently prepared to ensure maximum retention of the original tastes and nutritional values. 


Lingzhi Vegetarian's menu sings in all flavours of tasty serenade. The crescendo swells the voices up to the delectable tastes and aromatic smell of Chinese cuisine. The menu boast of three sections; bento set, ala carte and value sets A & B. 


Bento Sets

The bento sets, which are only available for takeaways, are ideal for vegetarians or health nuts as it comes with rice accompanied by vegetables and assorted mushrooms. Best of all, Each bento set comes with a free cup of Herbal Tea.

Photo Credits: Lingzhi Vegetarian's Menu

Value Sets

If you want it zichar style, for everyone to feast on at the same table, you can opt for the value sets (A or B) that comprise of several dishes pooled together to bring your zichar experience up a notch.

Ala Carte

From succulent poultry meats to Ocean creatures drizzled in sauces or begging to be dipped in concoctions, you'll be spoiled for choice! Its chilled delights and dim sums are the icings on top of your dining experience.

To take a look at the full menu, click here.

Looking at the wide array of choices, you’d guaranteed be irresistible to the delightful sensations that whipped up inside your memory at the mere thought of delving your teeth deep and fast into this premium cuisines.


Lingzhi Vegetarian has earned several well-deserved accolades as acknowledged by many of these media outlets and organisations.

Photo Credits: Lingzhi Vegetarian's Media Reviews

Photo Credits: Lingzhi Vegetarian's Media Reviews

All in all, whether you adhere to a vegetarian lifestyle or is someone who’s looking for healthier, tastier options, rest assured, Lingzhi Vegetarian got you covered! 

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