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Best Korean Snacks for your Next K-Drama Night

All hail to Shine Korea

Because tugging at our heartstrings wasn’t enough, Korean dramas often like to tease our appetite too! K-Drama actors just have this ability to make anything and everything appear to be out of the world delicious and irresistibly good! Making you salivate and crave for them while watching!

To the editors at 99SME, those mouth-watering food scenes are probably one of the reasons why we are so into Korean food! - Pretty sure you’ve seen the ASMR-esque Ramyeon slurping scene more than once!

Thank goodness! We have Shine Korea to rescue us from this misery of purely watching the K-drama actors eating Korean food deliciously. With a mission to provide the Singaporean community with easy access to authentic Korean products, Shine Korea is probably the oldest and largest Korean Supermarket in Singapore.

Carrying a whole plethora of pantry snacks, they continuously strive to satisfy local customers like you and I (and the other fellow K-drama fanatics) by expanding their range of products and services that are directly imported from Korea.

Be sure to pick up a few cups of good Korean Ramyeon to satisfy your late-night hunger pangs and slurp away with your favourite Oppa/ Unnie in the show! Here’s a list of our MUST-TRY Korean snacks:

Ottogi Jin Jjajang

Photo Credit: Shine Korea

Ottogi Jin Jampong

Photo Credit: Shine Korea

Ottogi Jabchae

Photo Credit: Shine Korea

Samyang Hot Chicken Carbonara

Photo Credit: Shine Korea

Samyang Potato Ramen

Photo Credit: Shine Korea

Haitai Honey Butter Chip

Photo Credit: Shine Korea

Haitai Sindang Dduk Snack(Korean Rice Cake Snack)

Photo Credit: Shine Korea

Crown Choco Heim

Photo Credit: Shine Korea

Paldo Crab Chips

Photo Credit: Shine Korea

Sing Song Hot Pepper Paste

Photo Credit: Shine Korea

Before we send you off to grab your dose of Korean goodies, we’ve also specially curated:

Our Top 5 Must-Watch K-Drama This Season

1) Crash Landing On You

2) Hi-Bye, Mama!

3) Kingdom Season 2

4) The King: Eternal Monarch

5) Extracurricular

You’re welcome! Enjoy your K-Drama night! Don’t forget to incorporate Korean snacks into the mix!

If your favourite Korean snack is not on this list, let us know all about it in the comments below!

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