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Best Campus Cafe In Singapore!


Olivye Café. Gelato serves up honest Halal-certified western food and Gelato at affordable prices.

Having first started out at National Technological University, Olivye Café. Gelato is still currently feeding students of ravenous appetite with their crowd-favourite Chicken Chop and the healthier herb-laden Grilled Fish.

"You can be sure to expect food that is yummy in your tummy, and value for your money."

They're also probably the only one, or one of the few to be selling Halal-certified Gelato. Besides scooping up classics like Chocolate, Hazelnut and Vanilla Cookies, Olivye Café. Gelato has also ventured beyond the predictable and has been serving up exotic and tropical flavours like Durian and Chempedak. This will definitely kick up the rich sensations of nostalgia!

Having its humble abode tucked at the heart of Changi Village, they're more than happy to welcome you to the cafe at anytime during the week!

Cafe Menu

"Our Halal Certification means that truly everyone and anyone can take part in enjoying the scrumptious meals we love to make to fill your empty stomachs. We prepare our food and serve them hot-on-the-spot only when you place your order so you get only the freshest product tat will guarantee that you will want to keep coming back for more."

- Olivye Café. Gelato

At Olivye Cafe. Gelato, their menu sings in all flavors of tasty serenade. From slurpy pastas, succulent steaks to Ocean creatures drizzled in sauces or begging to be dipped in spicy concoctions, their main course is guaranteed to keep your hunger pangs away!

If you're looking for a simple afternoon tea to unwind instead, you can opt for snacks like french fries, wedges or their notable Gelato, accompanied with an elegant cup of premium tea or a freshly brewed coffee.

Gelato Cakes Online

Olivye Cafe. Gelato also provides their in-house Gelato Cakes online to take your event's excitement level up a notch!

Photo Credits: Olivye Cafe. Gelato

Photo Credits: Olivye Cafe. Gelato

Photo Credits: Olivye Cafe. Gelato

Photo Credits: Olivye Cafe. Gelato

Photo Credits: Olivye Cafe. Gelato

So what are you waiting for! Get these delectable delights today!

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