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Best BBQ Supplier In Town!

BBQ Wholesale is your one-stop solution to your BBQ needs! Its 4-star Google review validates its high-quality food and service. From BBQ food items like Otah, chicken satay, Buffalo chicken wings to cooked catering food like fried rice and meehoon etc, BBQ Wholesale caters to your every needs!

BBQ Packages

Don't know how much to get? Fret not, BBQ Wholesale has also provided packaged deals based on the no. of pax of your event. 


Buffalo Chicken Wing (u.p. $14), Snapper Fish Fillet (u.p. $15) and Sotong Ring (U.P. $15) are now priced at $12.50-$13, so hurry up and snap up these deals!

Satisfy your needs during COVID-19

With the current situation and the lock down situation, it's sad to say we can't have outdoor activities anymore. However, BBQ Wholesale does not back down from this unfortunate situation. The Stay Home BBQ Set comes with a smoke-less BBQ pit that is 100% biodegradable, together with the various food items for your individual needs, thus letting you grill away at home! 

Photo Credits: BBQ Wholesale

So what are you waiting for? Get grilling! 

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