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A Taste Of The Ocean

Oosterbay - where your taste buds, wallet and mother nature will be grateful

Are you ready to get blown away by the pristine freshness of the unparalleled seafood selection at Oosterbay? Oosterbay celebrates the freshest and the highest quality seafood the world has to offer. Perfect for seafood lovers and curious seafood rookies in search of fresh seafood delights at wallet-friendly price tags, this inconspicuous hidden gem is bound to leave you singing Ooh La La!

Oosterbay has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a seafood wholesaler. This amazing place is born out of the desire to supply fresh seafood and sashimi to your tables of gourmet at economical wholesale rates by eliminating middle-men. Consistent with a vision of the founders, Oosterbay practices sustainable seafood efforts! They source for seafood choices that are farmed or caught in the most environmentally responsible way to better secure the future of our seas and marine wildlife – ensuring that there will be an abundance of fishes in our oceans for the years to come!

Flown in fresh from Japan’s renowned seafood markets, indulge in a raw gastronomy treat beginning with one of their best-sellers, Uni Oyster Shot. Host a roaring party in your mouth as you slurp down the plump oyster that is riddled with uni of a buttery texture. Tantalising juicy taste as balls of ikura burst in your mouth – you definitely won’t want this party to stop!

Other must-tries include 7-Type Uni Tokusen Sashimi Platter, where you get to surprise your taste buds with the distinctive taste of each type of Uni/Sashimi – what we can say is bitter, salty and sweet all in one plate!

Fill your bellies with this foodgasm experience at home, order at:

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