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A Merlion Chocolate Heaven

Authentically produced in Singapore by Viskonsep Chocolate Gallery

Appointed by Enterprise Singapore as a Tasty Singapore Brand Ambassador, Viskonsep Chocolate Gallery provides an assortment of perfectly-executed flavours of chocolate with their Merlion-shaped chocolates being the top pick among customers.

Viskonsep Chocolate Gallery Physical Store

Photo Credit: Viskonsep Chocolate Gallery

Classic concoctions such as Tiramisu Obsessions Almond Dark Chocolate offer just the right balance of sweet and bitter. Many returning patrons - not just the locals, but also tourists from around the world, found Viskonsep's chocolate itself to be of high quality, riddled with a subtle yet lingering flavour that comes from premium Cacao.

Durian Praline Chocolates

Photo Credit: Viskonsep Chocolate Gallery

Merlion-Shaped Chocolates

Photo Credit: Viskonsep Chocolate Gallery

To top it all off, without being too over the top, Viskonsep’s vibrant packaging featuring Singapore’s culture and various Singapore icons, make them look and feel artistic while portraying our tiny little red dot as a country filled with fascinating icons!

In short, the flavours, craftsmanship and packaging are nothing short of sophisticated!

We strongly recommend Viskonsep Chocolate to those who are looking for a truly special box of quality chocolates to give to your loved ones, be it your family and friends who are residing overseas or those who are stranded overseas because of COVID-19 travel restrictions!

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