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    SourceSage is the world's first Amazon of Market Information & Opportunities in Commodities. With our technology platform, traders, manufacturers, brokers, distributors and end users can receive timely market pricing updates, find buyers & suppliers on-demand and execute trades on a single platform at a single click!

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    SourceSage Benchmark Pricing

    How are some of our users benefiting from SourceSage Benchmarks:

    Manufacturer's Perspectives

    In order to price according to what market can accept, a manufacturer uses SourceSageBenchmarks to find out market acceptable price and justify their selling price to management.

    • Trader's and Distributor's Perspectives

    • Through SourceSage Benchmarks, a trader or distributor can discover manufacturers' prices in order to find out the most competitive supplies.

    • Broker's Perspectives: In order to facilitate more trade opportunities, the broker will use SourceSage Benchmarks to help his buyer and seller reach an acceptable price for contract settlement.

    • End User's Perspectives: In order to price downstream products, an end user will calculate backwards the raw materials pricing that is based on and will compare that with SourceSage Benchmarks. The end user will then know whether the downstream product he is selling is under-priced and can also use that information to negotiate with the manufacturer.


    Set Up Online Shop with SourceSage

    Use simple to plug in SourceSage Technologies to have your own invite-only "Marketplace" on Mobile and Web

    • Scale to new markets and increase your brand globally
    • Advertise and broadcast your products and services on one platform to multiple third party apps like Email, WhatsApp, WeChat, Linkedin to users worldwide
    • Aggregate and organise all enquiries and/or quotations, while increasing your pool of potential customers in both new and existing markets
    • Subscribe for 79.99 USD/month to set up 1 online shop: https://goo.gl/j699PU

    Get Verified Customers or Suppliers

    Leverage on SourceSage Commodity Exchange and Userbase to reach to worldwide customers and suppliers

    • Utilise SourceSage to help you find customers and suppliers based on your specific requirement
    • Your enquiry and offer will remain private at your request
    • Allows you to save time in increasing your pool of potential clients to help get your job done
    • If you are a end user or major supplier, and would like to partner with SourceSage to be a verified and anchor buyer or supplier on SourceSage Commodity Exchange, please click here
    • To start getting verified customer leads and be able to source or sell on the platform, simply put a refundable deposit of USD 49.99/month: https://goo.gl/FjmV67
  • For Individuals

    Our Sharing Economy

    Broker with SourceSage

    Earn extra money in flexible time

    Have you been in the industry for a number of years? Now its time you can tap on your network and domain knowledge to match buyers and sellers

    • Get co-brokerage fees for your referrals
    • Receive new enquiries or quotations which you can help on
    • Your information is kept private and confidential
    • Sign up to be a freelance broker with SourceSage to earn some brokerage fees and get enquiries for USD 49.99/month at: https://goo.gl/FjmV67

    Consult with SourceSage

    Contribute your knowledge and get paid

    • Start your paid consultancy on the topic of your expertise using SourceSage Official Channel
    • Utilise SourceSage marketing tools and integrated payment system to promote your consultancy services or reports  conveniently
    • Establish your personal branding in the industry on a global SourceSage platform with users across 102 countries
    • Set up your official channel to start your paid consultancy service at USD 49.99/month: https://goo.gl/FjmV67
  • Mr Tatsuya Imou

    President and CEO of Kenko Corporation

    "We, as a trading company, welcome the platform that SourceSage provides. It is more cost-competitive and effective than conventional ways of doing business."

    Mr John Sim

    Director of ICPL

    "SourceSage provides a comprehensive trade and enquiry management system which allowed me to source for materials swiftly."

    Mr Sanjay Trivedi

    Founder Director of IHPCIA

    "You need to take advantage of the digital medium as a way of moving forward, of connecting buyers and sellers, or connecting information which is required, (which is dynamic). So we do see a strong potential for SourceSage in this business."

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    > 1000%

    User Growth Rate Year on Year since 2016

  • Articles & Highlights

    June 18, 2018 · news articles
    Recently, CEO and Co-Founder of SourceSage, Sim Jian Min was featured in Japanese newspaper<化学工業日報> (The Chemical Daily) by reporter Ryuma Nagata. Nagata: What prompted you to create the company? Sim: SourceSage was created as an idea first in early 2014, as I saw a lot of inefficiencies and...
    October 24, 2017 · Vietnam
    Description: Sourcesage là một Startup công nghệ của Singapore, chúng tôi tự hào đã phát triển toàn cầu với gần 100 quốc gia và 10,000 người dùng là doanh nghiệp (chưa tính tài khoản cá nhân là 150000) trên hầu hết cácc lĩnh vực như là sản phẩm tiêu dùng, chăm sóc cá nhân, hoá mĩ phẩm, thực phẩm,...
    September 26, 2017 · Interview,Power List
    In this episode, we invited Dr. Sathia Varqa to our office and leveraged on his expertise to shed some light on the recent developments in the Palm Oil and Palm Kernel Oil market. Power List is an initiative by SourceSage to feature thought leaders in each industry and region to explore...
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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What is SourceSage?

    SourceSage is a venture-backed global technology company headquartered in Singapore, with operations & footprint in China, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Japan, and across 102 countries till date. SourceSage developed the world's first "Amazon" of Market Information & Physical Commodities.

    What areas do we cover?

    SourceSage offers Benchmark Pricing and Other Market Information in industries including Oils & Fats, Oleochemicals, Surfactants, Petrochemicals, Plastics, Agriculture, Food, Steel, Mining etc. Please feel free to contact research@sourcesage.co if you need us to cover more areas!

    Does SourceSage offer free trial?

    Yes, we offer free trials! Please email csm@sourcesage.co to request for free trial on the platform.

    Where does SourceSage get its data?

    SourceSage gathers prices from various online and offline sources. We have an in-house market research team which verifies and validates the information collected through our SourceSage Commodity Exchange. We also offer data from various established third-party market information providers on our platform. To understand more, contact our Market Research Team at research@sourcesage.co

    I am not tech savvy. But how do I learn how to use SourceSage more effectively or how do I find more help?

    If you are interested to find out more about how to use SourceSage Mobile or Web Application, we will have a Customer Success Manager (csm@sourcesage.co) assigned to you. In addition, SourceSage has a Product Team (product@sourcesage.co) which will be able to guide you on using our services and application more effectively. We have our Youtube Videos here. Lastly, if you are interested in finding suppliers or more customers, please contact our Sourcing & Sales Team at source@sourcesage.co

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